Twins crossword puzzle

crossword imageI have thought for some time that it would be fun to create a Minnesota Twins crossword puzzle and so the last few days I have worked to put one together and here are the results. This is my first attempt at doing this and this one may actually be too big but I will put it out here and see what you think.

Twins Puzzle 1

Once you have brough the puzzle up and are ready to print the puzzle, do a right-click with your mouse and you might want to do a print preview first to get the puzzle the right size to fit on a single page. The clues for the puzzle will print on page 2.

I would be very interested in your thoughts about the puzzle, just put them in the comments below, good, bad or indifferent. Of course if you go off the deep end your comments might not make it. Thanks for your time.

Answers? You want answers? Probably just to double-check your work because if you are checking out this site you are probably a big Twins fan and will not need any research to complete the puzzle. If you need help answering some, the answer might be found else where on this site. If you must see the answers, you can find them on the link below but only do so as a last resort.

Twins puzzle 1 answers

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  1. Mariam says:

    I seldom do crossword puzzles because I’m so bad at them, but I figured I could make some headway on a Twins puzzle, at least (and I don’t think anyone who wasn’t a Twins fan could get very far on this). This was fun and challenging. Here is my report card: After working on my own, I still had about 20 that I could not get. So I allowed myself to look at an all-time roster and got a few more (but I don’t even remember 64 Down!) Finally, a handful more I had to specifically look up. The biggest surprise is that I ended up getting a few wrong when I guessed, but the letters and spaces fit. So check your answers, everyone!

    Thanks, John!

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