The life and times of Met Stadium

As I wait for another Minnesota Twins season to to get underway and no new Twins “news” to write about, I find myself continuing to do research and look for more information that I can share with todays Twins fans. I started this site as a Minnesota Twins historical web site to help fans learn more about the wonderful history of the Minnesota Twins and I do write about current Twins events but I don’t spend a lot of time pondering “what if” events such as possible trades or free agent signings as that is not my cup of tea and there are plenty of other Twins blogs that cover that aspect of the Twins and many of them do it very well. That does not mean I won’t share my thoughts about these kinds of things now and then but it will not happen too often.

Today I was just doing some web surfing when I ran across what I think is the best slide show that I have even seen put together about Metropolitan Stadium, the home of the Minnesota Twins from 1961 until 1982 when the boys packed their bats, balls and gloves and moved into the HHH Metrodome in downtown Minneapolis. I found this slide show on a site called Ballparks, Arenas and Stadiums, a cool site that has a collection of over a 100 slideshows of demolished stadiums and arena. One of these slideshows covers Met Stadium from its early pre-Twins era to its final demise. It is not just about the Minnesota Twins either as there is some coverage of the Minnesota Vikings, the Minnesota North Stars home at Met Center and even the Beetles appearance at the Met. The slideshow is about 23 minutes in length so make yourself comfortable and click on the Met Stadium thumbnail below, put it on full screen and relieve some Twins history.

Met stadium post card


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