GM Terry Ryan doing what he should be doing

GM Terry Ryan

With Halloween just around the corner Twins GM Terry Ryan has brought out his broom and is starting to clean up the Twins 40 man roster by sending some of the home town team dead weight packing. Yesterday afternoon the Twins announced that they have declined the 2013 $6 million option on 29 year-old reliever Matt Capps and will instead send a $250K check his way. Capps saved 14 games in 15 chances this season but missed almost the entire second half with  rotator cuff inflammation. In 8 big league seasons Capps has a 3.52 ERA to go with a 1.19 WHIP and has saved 138 games. Capps is 29 and in reality is not that bad a relief pitcher but his $6 million option is just too heavy for a team like the Twins coming off two bad seasons. If the Twins could resign him for a song I am sure that they would jump at the chance but with experienced relievers always at a premium we have probably seen Capps in a Twins uniform for the last time.

The club also announced that minor league pitcher and 2008 first round (27th overall) pick Carlos Gutierrez was claimed on waivers by the Chicago Cubs. Gutierrez pitched in only 16 innings for Rochester in 2012 due to injury. Gutierrez is just another in the long line of pitchers that the Twins have selected in round 1 that have not met expectations.

The Twins also announced that they have outrighted right-handers Jeff Manship, Luis Perdomo, Esmerling Vasquez, Kyle Waldrop and P.J. Walters and outfielder Matt Carson off of the MLB roster. All these players played a role in the 2012 season but removing them from the 40 man roster is that difficult a decision.

Carson a 31 year-old outfielder playing for his fourth organization had no business in the big leagues, even for a team as bad as the Twins were this season, he is nothing more than a filler on somebody’s AAA roster to fill a vacancy.

P.J. Walters a 27 year-old righty started 12 games for Minnesota and pitched more than 6.1 innings just one time and had a 2-5 record to go along with his 5.69 ERA.

Jeff Manship a 14th round pick in 2006 has pitched for the Twins for parts of the last four seasons and has a 6.20 ERA to go along with a 1.62 WHIP. Maybe a new organization is what Manship needs to revive his career.

Luis Perdomo who is 28 and signed with the Twins this past off-season as a free agent and had a nice 3.18 ERA in 17 innings for Minnesota but when your BB/9 is 6.4 you have no business being a part of a big league bullpen. The Twins took a chance, it didn’t work out, time to move on.

Esmerling Vasquez is another 28 year-old reliever who did not pan out. When your major league career ERA is 4.86 and your BB/9 is 5.3 you should seriously be looking for a job in another field.

Last but not least we have Kyle Waldrop. The 26 year-old 6’5″ righty was another Twins 1st round pick back in 2004 and todate he has pitched a total of 32.1 inning for the Minnesota Twins. How long can you continue to wait for these guys to become big league pitchers? Cut the line and move on, a change is the best thing for both parties.

This is just the beginning of a lot of changes that will take place on the Twins roster over the next several months, you certainly can’t say it is not warranted. Keep that broom moving Mr. Ryan.

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