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Francisco Liriano

That former Twins pitcher Francisco Liriano who frustrated Twins management and a lot of Twins fans and is now pitching for the Chicago White Sox holds the second longest streak in MLB of games started since 1990 without giving up a home run? You better believe it, between May 26 and August 12 of 2010  Frankie started 15 games, won 7, lost 4 and had a no decision in 4 games. During these 15 games, Liriano faced 397 batters, pitched 93.2 innings, gave up 88 hits and struck out 108 while walking 29 batters and had a 3.27 ERA. Good numbers to be sure but not spectacular and I guess it tells us when a starter gives up a home run it is not the end of the world. Liriano’s streak ended when he gave up a long ball to the White Sox Andruw Jones on August 18. Liriano only gave up 9 home runs in 31 starts in 2010 with 3 of those coming on his last start of the season on September 30th.

The longest homer less streak since 1990 belongs to the Mets Sid Fernandez who started 16 games in 1992 between June 22 – September 20 without giving up a 4 bagger. Actually, if Liriano had not given up 2 home runs to the Red Sox (Beltre and Youkilis) on May 20, 2010 he would have had a streak of 25 homerless games going back to September 27, 2009 when he gave up a long shot to the Royals Yuniesky Betancourt of all people.

Moving on to another subject, hitting home runs. Through August 9th the Twins have scored 499 runs and hit 99 home runs. Only 152 of the runs scored or 30.46% occurred because of the home runs, the fifth worst in all of baseball. Only the Padres, Giants, Dodgers, and Royals have scored a lower percentage of their runs via the long ball. The Yankess have the highest percentage of runs scored via the home run with 50.56% and the Padres have the lowest at 26.12%.

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