Are the Twins pitchers in trouble in Cincinnati?

Located on the winding banks of the Ohio River in downtown Cincinnati, the GABP (Great American Ball Park) serves as the home of the Cincinnati Reds, baseball’s first professional franchise. The ballpark officially opened for the 2003 season, making 2010 its eighth big-league season.

At least 1 home run has been hit in each of the last 59 games at Great American Ball Park, dating back to a homer less game vs the Giants on July 29, 2011, making it the longest active ballpark homer streak in the major leagues and the longest home run streak in GABP history. There have only been 60 homer less contests in the ballpark’s 764 games. Only twice in the park’s 10-year existence has there been a streak of 2 straight games without a home run by either team and there never has been a 3-game homer less stretch at GABP. Earlier this season, there were 29 home runs hit during the home stand from May 21 – May 27 (Reds 17, Braves 6, Rockies 6), a new GABP record for HR during a home stand of 7 games or fewer and including a single-game record 9 homers in the finale (Rockies 5, Reds 4).

The GABP is a bandbox and in 2012 it ranks second to Arizona’s Chase Field (1.84) in home runs allowed at 1.80 per game. Safeco Field in Seattle is the toughest place to hit a home run with on 0.45 long balls per game. This year Target Field ranks 18 out of 30 as far as home runs hit is concerned and their ratio stands at 0.90 . With Twins pitchers having given up a major league leading 93 home runs this season it could be a long week-end for Rick Anderson’s chuckers. The Twins physical therapists better be ready to massage some of those Twins pitchers neck muscles as they might suffer from whip-lash before this 3-game series comes to an end.

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