Who said it is good to be home?

Why can’t American league teams win in their home parks in 2012? Through the end of April, AL home teams are 73-84 and winning at a .465 clip. When the junior league takes to the road they are playing .535 baseball and have posted a mark of 84-73.  The Senior circuit on the other hand has posted a 102-79 (.564) mark at home and when they are on the road these same teams are 79-102 (.436).

In 2011 in the American League home teams were 607-530 (.534) and 532-599 (.470) on the road. The Twins were 33-48 (.407) at home last season, the fewest home victories of any team in the league and on the road they were even worse, 30-51 a .370 clip.

This year the Twins are 3-8 at home and 3-8 on the road. Tampa is 9-1 at home and Kansas City is 0-10 at home. The best road warriors in the AL this season are the Texas Rangers who stand at 9-1 and the worst team on the road is the Angels at 3-9. No team in the AL Central has a winning home record so far this year.

Strange going on in the American League to be sure.

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