Did you know?

The home run that outfielder Desmond Jennings hit in the 5th inning off starter Francisco Liriano of yesterday’s game in Tampa Bay was the 8,000th home run allowed in Minnesota Twins history (1961-2012). The Minnesota Twins have hit 6,839 home runs since they moved here from Washington in 1961. Thus far this season the Twins’ pitching staff has given up 23 home runs which ranks second in Major League Baseball, only the Boston Red Sox have given up more (26).

The Twins staff ranks 30th among all MLB teams in strikeouts, with just 81 in 137.0 innings pitched this season. Opponents have swung and missed just 20.0% of the time, while 20.8% of all swings taken by the opponent are put into play (leads the Majors).

When the Twins out hit their opponents they are 5-0, when the opponent out hits the Twins, they are 0-8. Source: Twins PressPass

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