How is Brian Dozier doing you ask

Brian Dozier

I have had a couple of people ask me recently how shortstop Brian Dozier is doing at Rochester and my response would be that he is doing OK, he is hanging in there. In this case OK means that Dozier has played in 6 games (5 at short and 1 at 2B) through April 11 and here are his stats.

AVG = .524
AB = 21
R = 3
HITS = 11
2B = 3
3B = 0
HR = 1
RBI = 4
TB = 17
BB = 3
IBB = 1
SO = 2
SB = 0/1
OBP = .583
SLG = .810
OPS = 1.393
Errors = 1

Not bad for the first week in AAA right? No way Dozier can keep up this pace but some interesting numbers never the less. Do you think some Twins infielders are getting nervous?

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  1. SuperFan says:

    How ‘Bout That BullDozier…

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