According to Elias

The Twins, who lost their home opener on Monday to the Angels, 5-1, became only the third major-league team in the past 40 years to begin a season with four consecutive losses while scoring two or fewer runs in each game. The other teams to do that over the last four decades were the 1988 Orioles (who started the season with 21 consecutive losses on the way to a 54-107 record) and the 2003 Tigers (who finished 43-119, the worst record for any major-league team since the 1962 Mets).

With the Atlanta Braves beating the Houston Astros 6-4 on Tuesday night, the Twins are now the only team in major league baseball without a win.

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2 Responses to According to Elias

  1. mark Hagebak says:

    Dear fellow Twins fans:

    I know everyone is entitled to their opinion. But, how about just a little optimism? So many of you sound like chicken little and the sky is falling. Remember how that ended.

    Come on, this is the start to a 162 game season and you are comparing them to the “62” Mets!

    Come on Minnesota!

    • jjswol says:

      Mark, Always great to hear from you. I never give up on the Twins, I watch every game in person or on TV and I don’t give up until the last out. Having said that, facts are facts, the Elias piece tells us what has happened in the past, that’s all, it does not say what will happen in the next 158 games. The Twins could go on a tear and win 15 straight and I would be happy to write about their winning streak but right now all we have to go on is their 0-4 record. I am not saying that the team is playing like they did last year, I am just pointing out how unusual this start is for the Minnesota Twins. No one wants the Twins to win more than I do but right now the team is not hitting and not fielding particularly well. The hitting will come around, the fielding? I am not as confident in.

      The Twins have had good teams over the last decade and we as fans have gotten used to watching winning baseball. There is nothing wrong with passionate Twins fans expecting a winning team. I am not the most optimistic blogger but I do try to write the way I feel and if and when the Twins start winning, I will be more than happy to write about that too. Go Twins!

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