Checking on the minor league side


When I arrived at Hammond Stadium today there was not a lot going on the big league side with a lot of the Twins preparing to play Tampa at Port Charlotte today. A little BP for a couple of players, several pitchers were getting some throwing in and the rest of the pitchers that didn’t go to Port Charlotte were shagging fly balls during BP. I wandered of to the minor league side where all the fields were in use in one fashion or another and a couple of the lower level teams were bussed over to the old Red Sox complex so they could get there work in before coming back in the afternoon for a quick-lunch and a ball game this afternoon. I didn’t have the time to stay for the game but I did get some pictures of the minor leaguers that were there this morning.

Miguel Sano

On one of the fields coaches Tom Kelly and Paul Molitor were working with two infielders at a time teaching then the proper techniques for back handing a ball, flipping the ball to second and turning the double play etc. I saw Miguel Sano being put through his paces there, Adam Pettersen was there as well as several others. The attached picture of Sano fielding a ball at shortstop kind of says it all as to why he will not be a shortstop in the big leagues, he is just too big. I found it a bit more difficult shooting pictures today now that we are on EDT with the sun angle at this hour of the day. I found myself shooting into the sun all day and that is never a good thing.

So, not much for me to report today but I hope that you enjoy the pictures I took on the back fields. The first picture I took today is of Anthony Swarzak getting his throwing in, I am shocked at how much weight Swarzak has lost since last year. If you have not been checking out our “Today in Twins History” page, please stop by and check it out, there is a lot of cool stuff out there.

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