Michael Cuddyer agrees to become a Rockie


Well, it is pretty much official, Micheal Cuddyer has agreed to join the Colorado Rockies. I know that $31.5 million over three years for Cuddyer is more than the Twins could afford and if I was in the Twins shoes I would have done the same thing. They threw $24-$25 million on the table and hoped that Michael would take it but they knew deep down that he would get better offers. Cuddyer is just not a great fit for the Twins the way things sit right now. I don’t blame Cuddyer at all, he was smart to take the extra $6 or $7 million dollars and move on. I give credit to the Twins for saying they were still in on the Cuddyer hunt after signing Josh Willingham, I’m sure they were just doing Michael a favor to keep the bidding up.

Michael Cuddyer is not the greatest player the Twins have ever put on the field but I think he was one of the most professional and likeable players that the Twins have ever had on and off the field. I will miss seeing Michael in that familiar number 5 as will many other Twins fans and I hope that our paths cross again soon.I thank Micheal Cuddyer for his years of Twins service and I wish he and his family the very best in what ever the future may hold for them.

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