Dumatrait a Minnesota Twin once again…..sigh!

Phil Dumatrait

When the Twins let Phil Dumatrait walk last month I was a happy camper. Now I find out that the Twins have inked Phil Dumatrait to a minor league deal. I gotta tell you, I am not a Phil Dumatrait fan and I just don’t see why the Twins would bring him back. I know that in 45 games he had a 3.92 ERA but that is very deceiving, the man threw 41+ innings but in the process he gave up 45 hits and 25 walks while striking out 29 batters giving him a 1.69 WHIP. That is just plain terrible, the Twins don’t need relievers that put more men on base via the walk.

I know he is left-handed and breathing and only 30 years of age but there have to be other relief pitchers out there that can do a better job than Dumatrait. We can only hope that this is one of those insurance policies that we all sign up for and hope that we never have to use. The best scenario would be for Dumatrait not to make the team next season and spend the summer in Rochester wearing a Red Wings uniform. If Dumatrait makes the Twins pitching staff out of spring training, I fear it will be a long and tough summer for the Twins next season.

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