Have you seen Rusty?

February 14, 2011 – This is the water tower on top of the Wyman building in downtown Minneapolis. Carmichael Lynch, the ad agency occupies the top 4 floors of the building. Brock Davis, who works for Carmichael Lynch was asked to come up with some concepts for the water tower. After reviewing a number of options, projection was selected as it was the most economical medium and ideal for keeping the historic tower in its natural state. This tower, which they named Rusty, faces Target Field, the home of the Minnesota Twins. Several other projection ideas are in the works, but this simple face has been the clear favorite so far as it brings to life the physical structure itself allowing it to complete the overall look of the character. Currently, they are working to have Rusty react in real time to the games in the stadium, so that if the team wins, he can cheer and if they lose, he cries. A huge “Thank You” to Brock Davis of Carmichael Lynch for providing this video. Click on “Rusty” to watch the video and keep in mind it will take a minute or so for the video to down-load so please be patient.


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