Did you know?

April 10, 2011 – That Brad Radke started out the 2005 season by walking just one of the first 247 hitters who stepped into the batters box? Maybe the 2011 Twins pitching staff should watch some of Brad Radke’s old video’s.

That the Twins moved in left field at Met Stadium from 346 feet to 330 feet prior to the 1975 season and Twins players started calling it Borgie’s Porch. Twins Catcher Glenn Borgmann was often accused by other Twins players of having “warning track power” and he was convinced that moving the wall in would help his power numbers. Unfortunately that was not the case, the year before, Glenn had hit three home runs and in 1975 he hit just two. As a matter of fact, Borgmann never hit more than three home runs in any of his nine big league seasons.

The great HOF Walter “Big Train” Johnson’s final major-league appearance came as a pinch hitter at Yankee Stadium I in the same game in which the Babe Ruth hit his then-record 60th home run on September 30, 1927. The New York Yankkes beat the Washington Senators that day by a 4-2 score.

67 years passed between World Series Game Sevens that went into extra innings. How odd that the same franchise produced victories in both; the 1924 Washington Senators when they beat the New York Giants and the 1991 Minnesota Twins that beat the Atlanta Braves.

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