2011 Twins Media Guide MIA

March 31, 2011 – I received my 2011 season tickets the other day and as I was going through the package, I thought I noticed that something was missing. One of the benefits of being a Twins season ticket holder was that you always received a voucher for a free copy of the current years Twins Media Guide. I have a nice collection of these media guides now and I always look forward to getting a new one. Low and behold when I checked through the season ticket package, there was nothing about the Twins media guide mentioned, I found a voucher for the Twins Yearbook and the various Twins Magazines but no media guide so I e-mailed the Twins and was told that the Twins Media Guide is no longer a part of the season ticket holder package. What a disappointment! I can’t believe that the Twins have cut the media guide out of their season ticket holder package. Sure, I can go out and buy one but it just frustrates me that the Twins have dropped this from the package when their revenue is up and almost every home game is sold out. What? They have too many season ticket holders now to give everyone a free Twins Media Guide? As I said earlier, very disappointing.

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