Was the Twins Dome advantage just a fallacy?


Metrodome aerial view from what was considered the back (East side) of the Dome.

March 12, 2010 – For years opposing players and managers and writers across the country have complained about the huge home advantage that the HHH Metrodome provided for the Minnesota Twins. But when you look at the actual numbers, you will see that the Twins actually had a better winning percentage when they played at Metropolitan Stadium than they had at the Metrodome. It is also interesting to me that the Twins appeared to be a better road team when they played at Met Stadium then when they played at the Metrodome. Maybe calling the Dome home was a disadvantage when they went on the road? Another fun fact is that the Twins best decade was the 60’s. It will be interesting to see what Target Field has in store for the Twins in 2010 and beyond.

Twins wins/losses by the decade

Years Wins Losses Winning %
1961-1969 789 666 .542
1970-1979 812 794 .506
1980-1989 733 833 .468
1990-1999 718 833 .463
2000-2009 863 758 .502
Grand Total 3,915 3,884 .502

Twins wins/losses while playing at each stadium  

Stadium Year Wins Losses Winning %
Met Stadium 1961-1981 1,719 1,612 .516
HHH Metrodome 1982-2009 2,196 2,272 .491

Twins wins/losses at home versus on the road by stadium

Stadium Years Home wins Home losses Home win % Road wins Road losses Road win %
Met Stadium 1961-1981 910 759 .545 809 853 .487
HHH Metrodome 1982-2009 1,214 1,028 .541 982 1,244 .441

 Twins average wins/loses at home versus on the road by stadium

Stadium Years AVG home wins Avg home losses Avg road wins Avg road losses
Met Stadium 1961-1981 43.33 36.14 38.52 40.62
HHH Metrodome 1982-2009 43.36 36.71 35.07 44.43


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