First annual Twins Turkey of the Year Winner is

Glen Perkins

November 26, 2009 – Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Just for fun I think I will start an annual “Twins Turkey of the Year” award that will be awarded to the Twins player and/or Twins staff member that in my opinion showed his/her true colors during the past baseball season. The initial award winner is none other than pitcher Glen Perkins who I think was a run-away winner this year. The Twins had a great season in their final year under the Teflon roof but Perkins stood out as the “fly in the ointment. It seems that annually Perkins takes some vacation time on the DL and this year was no different.” When he pitches well, he has no complaints but when he has a bad outing then all of a sudden his arm or elbow hurts. Then he supposedly files a grievance stating that Twins management intentionally kept him in the minors to keep him from accumulating time in the big leagues. I don’t know if the Twins were sending Perkins a message or not when they kept him in the minors but it was well deserved. Twins management now states that the team and Perkins have buried the hatchet and that Perkins is ready to pitch for the Twins again this spring. I will believe that when I see it, as I see it, Perkins will be pitching for somebody other than the Twins in 2010. Stick a fork in him, he is done.

Turkey Cartoon

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