Steve Cannon passes away at the age of 81

Steve Cannon and his many characters

Steve Cannon and his many characters

April 7, 2009 – Wow, what a shock this morning when I woke up and heard that former WCCO radio icon Steve Cannon had passed away at the age of 81 after a short battle with cancer. I listened to the “Cannon Mess” for many years as I drove home to Wayzata from downtown Minneapolis after a long days work at Norwest/Wells Fargo. The show was unique every day as you listened to Steve banter between 3-6 with his sidekicks Morgan Mundane, Lash LaRue, and of course the wonderful Ma Linger. Now and then he would tell us about Da Niece and Da Nephew and their escapades. A great Twins and Vikings fan, I think Cannon started the term “Viqueens” and his sports prognostications with Morgan Mundane were legendary. The man was blessed with a golden radio voice, the best I have ever heard, and when you listened to his show it was as if you were sitting across the table and listening to a family member tells you a story. I remember one day someone had asked him why he never took any calls on his show and his response was simple and straight forward, “I have earned the right to run my show the way I want, if you want to talk on the radio, get your own show”. Cannon always did it his way and that is one of the things that really impressed me about Steve Cannon. Steve is gone now but my memories of Steve Cannon will be with me forever. I am sure that when Steve appeared at the pearly gates St. Peter just said, Welcome Steve, the microphone is over there, what time slot would you like? Rest in peace Steve as you have earned it. My condolences go out to the Cannon family.

The Star Tribune did a nice story on Cannon that you can read here.

1997 Steve Cannon interview with Robyne Robinson part 1 (7 minute and 9 seconds KMSP video)

1997 Steve Cannon interview with Robyne Robinson part 2 (7 minutes and 52 seconds KMSP video)

WCCO-TV tribute to Steve Cannon

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