Twins owner Carl Pohlad passes away at the age of 93

January 5, 2009 – My condolences to the Pohlad family and to the entire Twins organization. I can’t say that I always agreed with Mr. Pohlad but then again what fun would life be if we all agreed on everything. Mr. Pohlad did come through and buy the Twins at a time that the Minnesota Twins needed to be saved and for that I thank him and his family. I think what I will remember most about Mr. Pohlad is his loyalty to the people that worked for him and the fact that he hired who he thought was the best person for the job and then he let them go about their tasks with little to no interference.

Pohlad, CarlBaseball is a business and Carl Pohlad knew how to make money but I think the Twins were more then that to him, I think he and Eloise really enjoyed the game and the characters that were part of baseball. It is sad really that Mr. Pohlad will never get to see the Twins play at Target Field, something that he worked so diligently for over the years.

So Carl, thanks for the memories, some good and others not so good, but you will be missed and for me you will always remain an important character in Twins lore for ever more.

Minneapolis Star Tribune Carl Pohlad obituary

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