Twins bid adieu to interleague play for another year

July 5, 2008 – Sadly, the Twins ended their interleague play for another year with a 5-0 shutout of the Milwaukee Brewers. The Twins end 2008 interleague play with a major league best 14-4 record. The Twins now have a 120-90 record in interleague play which comes out to a winning percentage of .571 and that is not too shabby. Interleague play started in 1997 and during the first five years each division played the same division from the other league. As of 2002 the format was changed so that teams played interleague games against various divisions. The Twins record in interleague play by year is:

1997 7-8
1998 7-9
1999 10-7 
 2000  7-11
 2001  9-9
 2002  10-8
 2003  10-8
 2004  11-7
 2005  8-10
 2006  16-2
 2007  11-7
 2008  14-4
 TOTAL  120-90


The Twins have played the Milwaukee Brewers the most frequently since they are designated as natural rivals and the Twins hold a winning 29-23 record against the Brew Crew. The Twins have never lost to the Montreal Expos in interleague play and never will. Twins interleague play records against the National League teams are:

Milwaukee Brewers 29-23
Pittsburgh Pirates 11-7
Houston Astros 10-7
Cincinnati Reds 8-7
Arizona D-Backs 8-4
Chicago Cubs 8-10
San Diego Padres 6-3
New York Mets 6-3
St. Louis Cardinals 6-9
Florida Marlins 4-2
Atlanta Braves 4-2
Washington Nats 4-2
Los Angeles Dodgers 4-2
Montreal Expos 3-0
San Francisco Giants 3-3
Philadelphia Phillies 3-3
Colorado Rockies 3-3

Maybe the Twins should move to the National league!

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